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Making the Mundane Fun
Creating a Game for Information and Digital Literacy

In this presentation, Rebecca will be discussing the game they created for the Curtin University Library, Certitude (2020). They will discuss the design processes involved in creating a serious game for new university students that introduces and develops the player's concepts around digital and information literacy. Drawing on elements of other similar games, they will show how a narrative-based interactive game can make a mundane and dry topic, such as library skills, more enjoyable to learn. In the game, the player acts as a fact-checker for Certitude, a fictional digital publishing company, and must evaluate the articles written by Certitude’s writers to ensure that only accurate and presentable information is published by the company, and that information sources are acknowledged and referenced correctly. The gameplay demonstration will illustrate game design conventions by highlighting the core mechanics of puzzles and rewards.

Kerr, R. (2021, Oct 5-7). Making the Mundane Fun: Creating a Game for Information and Digital Literacy [Presentation]. Games for Change Asia-Pacific Festival. Online.

Have you ever wanted to explore making games? How about making games with meaning? Share knowledge of your favourite scientific field through your own game. You can tell an interactive story; Make an adventure game; Design an AR scavenger hunt; Or build a board game. The choice is yours.You’ll be shown examples of fun educational games then introduced to simple game making concepts and tools. After a guided brainstorming session, you’ll start making a prototype of your very own game.For those attending an event with a location, it’s highly recommended that you bring along your own laptop so you can easily take home your project (though there may be some available on the day).In the event that Perth goes into lockdown due to COVID, I'll be holding the event online with links sent out to participants.