Available in Early Access on Steam.

Rebecca Kerr

About Me


Hi there, greetings and welcome.

I’m Rebecca, an educator and game developer. I've completed a Masters Degree (coursework) and currently teach game design in tertiary level education.

I take on a generalist approach in game development, where I dabble in all aspects in the development process. I've just started a small indie games dev studio, with the first official title available on Steam.

The Last Werewolf

Game Developer

Currently available in Early Access via Steam. This is the first major project by Rebecca for her studio.

This project has received funding support via the Digital Games Production Fund with  Screenwest.

Wolf at Evergreen (VR Experience)

Game Developer

Unnatural Freaks: Wolf at Evergreen is a demo of an episodic VR narrative experience that was built using Unity. The project was built by Rebecca as a part of her Master of Arts, and in the last few weeks she brought on a couple of contractors, thanks to an MA Creative Project Funding Award, to help tidy up certain elements.

Certitude (Online Game)

Lead Game Designer and Writer

Funded by Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program through Curtin University, Certitude is a web-based, 2D game that has been designed to develop digital and information literacy for new university students.