The following is a collection of experimental experiences that I've created to expand on skills, try out new features and explore creativity through an interactive medium.

Well... That's Life (2021)

An experimental piece made for a university project. The idea was to make a short performative piece using a new media option.

What Kind Of Art Exhibit Is This? (2021)

Created this project over a couple of days to test my speed in putting something together within a set period of time.

Dark Adventure (2021)

Created this project to aid in building skills with creating 2D games in Unity.

Another Pointless Adventure (2021)

Testing out the game maker Bitsy.

Creative Explorer (2017)

The environments were created within Tiltbrush and exported into Unity to create a walkable environment.

Alone in the Dark (2017)

Created an interactive narrative using Twine to help improve programming skills.

Space Cargo (2017)

First VR experience using voice commands to interact with the narrative.