Game Jams

The following are games created during Game Jams. They're made within a set period of time with the goal of a finished product. They are a mixture of solo and team work.

What is a Game Jam?

A Game Jam is an opportunity for game devs to test their skills and challenge themselves to make an interactive experience over a few days. They can either be done in teams or a solo endeavor.

Impress Me With Chemistry

I Love Science Game Jam 2022

Solo Developer

Host of Jam

As part of National Science Week I made a short educational game as a concept for a study tool.

As I was the host of this jam, I was provided a different signature prompt 'reactions.'

Throw It Away

VR Jam 2022

Solo Developer

Using the theme 'One-Time Use,' I decided to create a simple rubbish sorting game. You're at the end of your shift and you need to clean up.

Mini-Little Orc Walk

Synty Jam 2022

Solo Developer


The challenge was to make something creative using only eight unique Synty Assets. This submission was a little walking sim where you play a little orc running around the desks causing havoc.

The Collector

GMTK Game Jam 2022

Solo Developer.

Set in a dystopian desert, this is a simple exploring and collecting game. Edgar loses at a dice game and must go and collect the supplies himself.

Our Museum
Cultural Heritage Game Jam 2021

Game Developer

Museum Simulator | 3D Environment with 2D Characters.

You're the new museum owner and it's up to you to choose the exhibits, visit dig sites and get to know your patrons. Your museum only holds replicas, through the use of various technologies, and you also send funds in support of those whose works you exhibit.

My Small World
VR Jam 2021

Solo developer.
Special mention by VR With Andrew and Valem.

In this short story, you play as a child who creates a 'new world' for a school science project.

Karla Kurliny (Going Home)

Curtin Creative Jam 2021

Game Developer.

Winner - Best Campus.

For this Jam, we were in a group of four. I was the one who built the project in Unity, while the other team members provided 2D, writing, and concepts.

Damn it, Hunter!
GMTK Game Jam 2021

Solo developer.

In this 3D puzzle game, Hunter has found himself locked in a dungeon and Beth needs to pass through all the traps to get him out.

Global Game Jam 2021

Generalist - For this project, I took on a variety of tasks which are outlined in my Developerment Log.

Emery is an adventure game following a paranormal and light-horror theme.

Title: The Super Cool Quest for the Ivy Grip. There are ivy branches weaving around the text.

The Super Cool Quest for the Ivy Grip
Global Game Jam 2020

Co-Narrative Designer, Writer, Twine Programmer.

In this jam, I was a part of a small team where we made a short interactive narrative that takes the player through an adventure with a touching ending.

Anxious Minds
Curtin Makerspace Creative Jam 2018

Level Designer.

Winner - Best Overall Design Experience.

This project was created within a team of 3, following the theme of Health and Wellbeing. In the four days, we created a prototype that presented an anxiety simulation designed for family and friends alongside trained professionals to build empathy towards those suffering from an anxiety disorder.