Archivist's Downfall - Series

Archivist’s Downfall is a speculative fiction novella series. Originally written as a novel, the narrative has been split up into three main books and one companion piece. Book one is due to be released in early 2021.

Set in Perth and the South West of Western Australia, in a world where the Fates control time and destiny, lesser deities, known as Archivists, have been created to record events throughout history. These Archivists blend in amongst the mortals by being born into a mortal body, then reincarnate after their assigned event ends. Now, an unknown force is hunting them down and eliminating them.

This series focuses on the effects of PTSD and Grief on individuals through a highly stressful situation.

Fates Interwoven - Book One

Released 2021 via Google Books

Jaida’s world is turned upside down when she discovers she was never alone. She’d spent millennia documenting humankind’s biggest events for Lachesis, the allotter of fate. With each reincarnation Jaida believed she and the other Archivists walked alone in secret, but Guardians were sent to walk beside them. Protecting them as they recorded history.

Fates Fragmented - Book Two

Details coming soon.

Fates Preordained - Book Three

Details coming soon.

Title To Be Released- Companion

Details coming soon.