Creative Writing

A collection of my creative writing. The following has been self-published.

Archivist's Downfall


Set in Perth, Western Australia, in a world where the Fates control time and destiny, lesser deities, known as archivists, have been created to record events throughout history. These archivists blend in amongst the mortals by being born into a mortal body, then reincarnate after their assigned event ends. Each receives a guardian to watch over them. To avoid distractions, the archivists were never meant to be aware of the guardian’s presence, however, they’re now being hunted and killed by an unknown force and must come together to survive.

This series focuses on the effects of PTSD and grief on individuals through a highly stressful situation. (less)

Fates Interwoven

Archivist's Downfall | Book One


Fates Fragmented

Archivist's Downfall | Book Two

Coming Soon

Fates Preordained

Archivist's Downfall | Book Three

Coming Soon

Short Stories

The Florist Returns